Cancer Immunotherapy Research Projects

The overarching goal of the CIC organ site-specific Cancer Immunotherapy Research Projects is to conduct systematic and comprehensive investigation of host immune cell-tumor cell interactions across multiple human cancers, including both "hot" and "cold" cancers, to define how tumor cells recruit and alter immune cell function to generate immunosuppressive tumor-promoting environments, and identify how to reprogram immune cells or the cancer microenvironment to promote anti-tumor immune responses. The IOTN framework will provide a foundation for enabling rapid translation of basic and pre-clinical discoveries by CIC investigators by fostering highly-collaborative approaches among IOTN-funded investigators and between IOTN-funded investigators and existing NCI-supported research communities.

Specifically, the goal is to improve cancer treatment with immune-based approaches by enhancing our understanding of factors that contribute to immunosuppression, including within the immune cells, tumor cells, or tumor microenvironments.