Cancer Immunotherapy Research Projects

The overarching goal of the CIC organ site-specific Cancer Immunotherapy Research Projects is to conduct systematic and comprehensive investigation of host immune cell-tumor cell interactions across multiple human cancers, including both "hot" and "cold" cancers, to define how tumor cells recruit and alter immune cell function to generate immunosuppressive tumor-promoting environments, and identify how to reprogram immune cells or the cancer microenvironment to promote anti-tumor immune responses. The IOTN framework will provide a foundation for enabling rapid translation of basic and pre-clinical discoveries by CIC investigators by fostering highly-collaborative approaches among IOTN-funded investigators and between IOTN-funded investigators and existing NCI-supported research communities.

Specifically, the goal is to improve cancer treatment with immune-based approaches by enhancing our understanding of factors that contribute to immunosuppression, including within the immune cells, tumor cells, or tumor microenvironments.

Enhancing Cell Therapy for Brain Tumors
Children's Research Institute
Johns Hopkins University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bollard, Catherine Cruz, Conrad Russell
Jones, Richard
Savoldo, Barbara
Targeting Alternative Splicing for TCR Discovery in Small Cell Carcinomas
University of California, Los Angeles
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Witte, Owen Crooks, Gay
Xing, Yi