DMRC Analytical Support

Appropriate analytic techniques and careful data management are essential components of all translational studies, to ensure that valid inferences will be made. The Data Management & Resource Sharing Center (DMRC) provides comprehensive analytic support to the IOTN investigators throughout all phases of a project conducted by the IOTN. In particular, the DMRC will assist the IOTN investigators with the integration of omics data with phenotypic information and develop analytical models for these data based on the hypothesis of interest. The DMRC has well-established processing, visualization and analysis pipelines and workflows for various next-generation sequencing applications at both single cell and cells in bulk levels. Analysis pipelines are also available for multiple microarray as well as major mass spectrometry–based proteomics platforms. Furthermore, reproducible and reusable analysis workflows are available for a wide range of immune profiling assays at both circulating and tumor-infiltrating cell levels. The DMRC will assist the IOTN investigators with developing plausible biological and/or clinical interpretations of their respective results.

To request the DMRC analytic supports, please submit a ticket through the IOTN support desk.